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haikumania war crimes
After Wordsworth


After Wordsworth
The Ren of Tetsudo
'a cup of joe' from tenzing
Ty Hadman's "Marine Boot Camp Haiku"
hiroshima haiku
anti-war haiku site
anti-war haiku site

Left Upon A Seat In A Yew Tree
paul t conneally
walking the beach
after their son's death
piled up stones
left by the last high tide
two empty bottles
bikini line
curling waves break
against the shore
here they sit
beneath  these gloomy boughs
thistles in bloom
sharing jokes and  needles
through  the afternoon heat
lost in the middle
of this new housing estate
an aged oak

we pass seats
placed here in memory of 
husbands and wives
all along the pathway
glancing sand-pipers
juniper berries
a stone chats call
from the heath