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We've Seen People Smoking
Hidden Gold - Workplace Smoke Ban


Match the Sentence Halves UP
Hidden Gold - Workplace Smoke Ban
Warning for Workplace Smokers
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Hidden Gold


READ the article on Warning for Workplace Smokers and then have a go at this in groups of three or four


Here are some leading ideas/words picked out of the story by some young people after reading the article that they thought might be worth discussing.


In your group discus what these ideas/words mean. You can use the questions below each idea to get you started make a note of your discussions so that you can report back to the rest of us what you came up with in discussion include any other questions that your own group came up with during discussion.


A.     Unofficial Smoke Breaks


  1. What is the difference between an official and unofficial smoke break?
  2. Should smokers be given more breaks than none smokers so that they can smoke?
  3. Is it ever acceptable for a worker to do something unofficially?
  4. When is it acceptable for a worker to smoke? Where?
  5. Is it right that a company can tell its workers when and where they can smoke?
  6. At what age should someone be officially allowed to smoke tobacco?
  7. Who should officially allow someone to start smoking? Parents? School? Government? Law?


B.     Gross Misconduct


  1. What is misconduct?
  2. What is the difference between misconduct and gross-misconduct?
  3. What is the difference between good behaviour and very good behaviour?
  4. Who decides what is good behaviour and bad behaviour?
  5. Can anything good ever come from doing something bad?
  6. Do you think smoking at work is gross-misconduct if the rules say you cant?
  7. Is it ever acceptable to dismiss someone from work for smoking?


  1. Pro-Smoking Opposition


  1. Who might oppose a non-smoking policy in the workplace? Why?
  2. Are there some places where it would be OK for people to smoke whenever and wherever they want?
  3. What reasons might someone put forward to justify smoking in the workplace?
  4. What reasons might someone put forward to justify a non-smoking workplace policy?
  5. Is there a case for making smoking tobacco illegal or should it remain legal?
  6. The Pro-Smoking groups say that its heavy-handed to threaten workers with disciplinary action if they break a no-smoking policy is it?